The Impulse range James Heal, available in 4 or 2 chamber models, are the only instruments that offer interchangeable impellers and greatly improved sample rotation throughout the test to give reliability, accuracy and flexibility.

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Available in 4 or 2 chamber models.

TestWise Touch

Intuitive TestWise Touch controls are easy to use in seconds, minimising training time.


Interchangeable impellers for greatly improved sample rotation.


Dust and lint filters collect lint and loose fibre to create a cleaner working environment.

Technical Specification

Conditioned atmosphere recommended Yes
Positioning Bench standing
Space requirements
Impulse – 4 Chamber Height 52.2cm
Width 41.0cm
Depth 57.5cm
Impulse 2 Chamber Height 52.2cm
Width 26.7cm
Depth 57.5cm
Approximate net weight
Impulse – 4 Chamber 46kg
Impulse 2 Chamber 28kg
Impulse – 4 Chamber 115/230V +/-10%
Watts 135W
Amps 1.2/0.6A
Impulse 2 Chamber 115/230V +/-10%
Watts 90W
Amps Amps: 0.8/0.4A
Compressed air Pressure 2 to 8
Flow Flow 30 l/min per chamber

More information ?
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Or send an e-mail :