Universal Strength Tester with TestWise™ software, available in 5kN and 10kN capacity models. For testing a diverse range of applications – from apparel and non-wovens, to rubber and other non-textile materials.

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Interchangeable Tools

The load cells and the extensive range of tool-free
specimen grips are interchangeable between Titan5
 and Titan10.
Labs can perform a wider range of tests and comply with
more Standards on a wider range of test types.

Hand-held Controller

A hand-held controller for improved manual testing, useful when gripping specimens of variable or irregular size.


Advanced software made simple, for faster, smarter testing. With free annual software upgrades* (for customers with a TechSmart™ Titan agreement)
Features include pre-loaded test parameters, filters and favourites to find standards and export to PDF and Excel. Minimal training required.


Over 500 pre-loaded standards and retailer test methods, which the user can customise.

Technical Specification

Conditioned atmosphere recommended Yes
Positioning Bench standing
Space requirements
Titan5 Depth 56.8cm
Width 40.0cm
Height 133.9cm
Titan10 Depth 50.0cm
Width 73.0cm
Height 162.8cm
Approximate net weight
Titan5 82kg
Titan10 180kg
Power Single phase Yes
Rating per phase (A) 1.0A
Watts 60
Compressed air Pressure 7-10 bar, 700-1000 kPas, 100-145 psi
Minimum flow 17 litres per minute
Filtration 5 microns or better to remove oil and moisture
Air Regulator Not required, built into Titan
Personal Computer (PC) – Minimum Specification OS Windows® 8, Windows® 7
Not compatible with Windows® XP or Windows® Vista
Microsoft.NET 4.0 Framework is required (included on disc)
HDD Minimum 250GB
Ports At least 3 free USB 2.0 ports if using the Hand Held Controller

More information ?
Call us on +32 (0)87 29 10 30
Or send an e-mail : info@centner-industry.com