The AquAbrasion is a Wet Abrasion Tester based on the traditional Martindale instrument. It uses a controlled pump system to dose fabric specimens with liquid which keeps the specimen wet for the duration of the test. Deionised water can be used to replicate rain, or a perspiration solution can be used to replicate sweat.
The AquAbrasion is an accurate and repeatable way of conducting wet abrasion testing, which we have proven to be a crucial and often detrimental step in establishing the durability of outdoor wear.

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Accurate & Repeatable

A fully controlled method of dosing fabric with water to keep the fabric wet for the duration of the test.

Replicating Outdoor Wear

Standard tests on outdoor garments include dry abrasion, which is not representative of the conditions they are worn in.
To make an accurate claim about the performance of an outdoor garment it must first be subject to wet abrasion to truly understand the impact of outdoor wear and tear.,

TestWise Touch

Simple to use TestWise Touch control system, providing optimum lab efficiency. A toughened glass cover stands up to laboratory wear and tear.

Unique ergonomic design

Gives access to all stations from the front, and the 9 station Martindale has a hinged lid which lifts to allow full access to the tables without lifting off the top plate

Technical Specification

Conditioned atmosphere recommended Yes
Positioning Bench standing
Space requirements Height 74.7cm
Width (without pump and beaker) 93.7.0cm
Depth 76.0cm
Approximate net weight 150kg
Power 110 to 230 V
50/60 HZ

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